Where to find the best lemon ice cream in Capri

Insegna gelati - Chiosco TizzanoDid you know Capri has the best lemon ice cream in the world? We know that Scialapopolo is the most popular and famous ice cream shop in Capri. But ….. Chiosco gelati …..  you *must* taste the lemon ice cream at the Tizzano’s kiosk, for us the best lemon ice cream in Capri. Nothing against Scialapopolo (which offers great food also) but what we like most about Tizzano’s is that the kiosk is exactly the same as it was when we were child and used to go to Capri for holidays, and used to get the lemon ice cream here.  Owned by the same family since then, you can feel the untouched mediterranean atmosphere with all those bunches of lemon fruits  hanging from the roof. I limoni di Capri There are plenty of citrus plantations in Capri so take a walk though the narrow streets and go a bit further than usual (in one word, don’t stop at the Piazzetta!) and you will see for yourself.

The harvest

The harvest

You will see how many  lemon trees there are, each with an amazing amount of large and fragrant lemon fruits hanging from the branches. And if you’re lucky enough, you will meet a gentle “caprese” that will  let you get two or three lemon directly from the tree. Here’s our harvest!

Cartello Lemon juiceBack to the kiosk, try a lemon or orange juice and don’t forget to caress the cat that normally hangs out along the parapet.

Tizzano's kiosk -The catCapri is a cats’ island, they are all very warm-hearted here, and well cared for. Occasionally you will find one that looks ill  but they are all really cute.
Here’s a picture of the cat at the Tizzano’s kiosk.
If you meet her (yes, she’s a lady) don’t miss to hug her!

How to arrive (click to enlarge): Capri mapCapri is also the home of Limoncello that was originally meant to be served at room temperature, and not frozen as the advertising tries to suggest.

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  1. Henrik

    I was just thinking of the count, and Capri the other day.
    I have been to Capri 3 times. It’s my friend, and my favorite place in the world.
    So I googled, and found you. I love your site – everything about it!
    Thank you, and maybe we will meet someday?
    The very best to you from:
    Henrik and Bruce

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