Il sentiero del cacciatori – The Hunters path: a forgotten and lost path from Arco Naturale to Vanassina reopened in May 2016

La grotta del Fieno

La Grotta del Fieno

We have great news!
The lost and forgotten path going from Arco Naturale to Vanassina has now reopened, thanks to “Associazione Percorsi e Sentieri Isola di Capri”, a non-profit organization in Capri whose aim is to protect the ancient, historical paths of the island from forgetfulness and misappropriation of territory by private people.

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Capri – The Grotta dell’Arco and Grotta delle Felci (Grotto of Ferns).

View over the Mermaids rock and the Grotto of Arc from via Occhiomarino

View over the Mermaids rock and the Grotto of Arc from via Occhiomarino

The Grotta dell’ Arco is a large, shallow cave situated about 240 m above sea level with a height of about 85 feet (26 m). 

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Where to find the best lemon ice cream in Capri

Insegna gelati - Chiosco TizzanoDid you know Capri has the best lemon ice cream in the world? Continue reading

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Villa Lysis – Fersen in Capri

Villa Fersen1“J’ai toujours aimé les créatures incapables de créer des chefs-d’œuvre et qui cherchent, faute de mieux, à en devenir un elles-mêmes”.

Jean Cocteau foreword from “L’exilé de Capri” by Roger Peyrefitte

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From Capri to Anacapri on foot – Il sentiero del Passetiello (The Passetiello path)

The "Faraglioni" seen from Passetiello

The “Faraglioni” seen from Passetiello

Luckily for us, most part of tourist that arrives to Capri  just flock to visit a few, crowded attractions: the Piazzetta square, the Gardens of Augusto, the Blue Grotto and the shopping area. They totally ignore the beauty of the nature, the stillness and the quietness that Capri can offer.  In spite of the hordes of tourists, even in the more crowded season, it’s possible to walk for hours without meeting a single soul.

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Coming soon!

Saying hallo from the boat

Why this blog ?  While there are so many sites and blogs describing  the island of Capri  (and this one could just add to the thousands already out there), we have a simple but strong reason. Capri is in our heart, and we can’t avoid to share the hidden Capri, the one that tourists in a hurry for a quick visit will never experience. How not to describe the gorgeous views and the incredible feeling walking trough forgotten paths, often illegally barred by private villa owners to preserve their own quietness? The luxuriant blossom of flowers, specially in spring but also in other seasons and their delicious perfume?
And why not, we will also share our food experiences, our favorite restaurants, the nicest beaches and everything we love.

The blog will not be updated on a regular basis but only when we feel for it, of course.

Thank you for being with us!



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